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Summary of Panarc's Media Coverage Analysis services

Panarc International uses its own computer programmes to analyse and evaluate media coverage of its clients.   We have three main media evaluation programmes. These are:

MAX – for conventional media evaluation

 Max is Panarc’s main media coverage analysis computer programme, which, with the help of our clients, has been developed and refined over the last 23 years to a point where its flexibility and analytical power are unrivalled.   The main forms of media measurement used are designed to show the actual effect of the coverage on the audience reached.  Reporting takes the form of hard-copy documents or PowerPoint presentations.

 INTERMAX – for online access to our analysis of your coverage

Intermax is Panarc’s complete firewall-protected, password-accessed web-based media analysis service allowing our clients to take control of their media analysis 24/7.  Intermax enables clients to view the results of their coverage by message, source, author, news story and campaign, spokesperson, topic, region and demographics.


InterMax allows clients to explore the reach and effect of their coverage online in order:


  1. to have up-to-date analyses whenever they want them

  2. to set their own parameters for analysis

  3. to explore the data in depth

  4. to identify and track trends in coverage

  5. to exploit strengths and defend weaknesses

  6. to create charts and tables in answer to specific enquiries


AIRIES – for in-depth analysis of the reach and effect of your internet coverage


AIRIES (Automated Internet Research, Intelligence and Evaluation Service) is a firewall-protected, password-accessed web-based media analysis service which automatically measures the reach of internet coverage over time, analyses content, credits the client for both the visibility and persistency of the coverage and provides estimates of the monetary value of the coverage. 


With the growth in online news, AIRIES fulfils a very necessary function. It allows coverage on any website mentioning specified keywords to be automatically viewed, analysed and tracked. A client can log in to the system, view their coverage, compile reports, break down the analysis, and monitor trends over a period of time.

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