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Project Management


Docupraxis® is a Project Management program designed to help the user to maintain control of any number of complex projects.

In the implementation of any project, there is inevitably a need to manage a number of activities.

DocuPraxis® offers a range of functions, enabling you:

  • to identify, organise and prioritise activities

  • to review and revise the project plan with minimum disruption

  • to define each activity and set it in the correct relation to all other activities

  • to order each activity in relation to those before and after

  • to keep an accurate record of the progress of every activity throughout the implementation of the project

  • to determine the likelihood of future outcomes by attaching probabilities to various future scenarios

There are two additional facilities which complement the Project Management function:

Associated Document Folder (ADF)

The ADF allows you to set up and maintain a library of all documents relating to the project in a folder held within the DocuPraxis® project.

Daily Activity Log (DAL)

The DAL will automatically compile, on a daily basis, a record of all your activities on all your projects, derived from every note you have entered through the Insert Notes facility

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