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Personal Information Management


In addition to its primary function as a Project Management program, Docupraxis is designed to fulfil a number of PIM functions

Popular uses of DocuPraxis®:

  • notes

  • address book

  • activity planner

  • diary

  • decision tree

  • purchase record

  • subject database


You can use any number of inserts in a project and, indeed, on a single Workpage. For example, the commonest combination of inserts is an Address insert followed by a Notes insert. This combination allows you to set up a database in which you can record all contact details in the Address insert/s, and details of all your dealings with the contact in the Notes insert.


Also note the use of the Hyperlink. This is particularly useful if you wish to connect an entry in a Docupraxis® project to another document (e.g. another document file, a spreadsheet) in the same or another folder on your computer.

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