The Panarc Publishing list consists of high quality titles in the fiction and non-fiction fields.  Our aim is to publish books which inform and entertain the widest possible audience.                          

Below is a selection of the books published by Panarc International Ltd.

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Adventures in Grammarland 

by Paul Georgiou and

Christopher Prendergast

Beyond the breaking of the stone

by Paul Georgiou

Escape from Obesity

by George Bekes

God for the curious unbeliever

by Paul Georgiou

Report Writer's Handbook

by Paul Georgiou

Adventures in Numberland

by Paul Georgiou

Decades of Diet Deception

by George Bekes

French Promenade 

by Richard Jack

Reflecting Mercury

by Raficq Abdulla

The Tortoise and the Hare

by Paul Georgiou

The Truth Quartet by Paul Georgiou

The Fourth Beginning

by Paul Georgiou


The Praesidium

by Paul Georgiou

The Devil's Truth

by Paul Georgiou

Out of nothing

something comes

by Paul Georgiou

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