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Media Consultancy - Issue Analysis

Our Issue Analysis service is a consultancy based on our media coverage analysis work. The service is used by governmental and commercial clients who have to deal with complex issues. It is offered to Chief Executives, Heads of Corporate Communications, Market Research Managers and Planning Managers who would find it helpful to have a systematic, informed and independent analysis of key issues affecting their organisations.


The aims of our Issue Analysis service are:

  • to determine all the major factors which have generated the current situation

  • to identify key propositions, together with those spokespeople and pressure groups which support them

  • to prepare a comprehensive formulation of all the arguments involved, in the form of propositions and counter-propositions

  • to predict, with probabilities and timings attached, various likely future scenarios

  • to recommend courses of action intended to exploit opportunities and to minimise risk

  • to achieve these ends we undertake a formal process of analysis which involves both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Form of Reporting

The end-product usually takes the form of a continuous reporting process which provides first a basic analysis of the issue and subsequently updates on aspects of the issue as matters develop. One of the components of the basic report is a briefing document for clients on all the arguments the client may have to face and how best to deal with them, depending on the type of audience the client is addressing. Another component is a series of source and journalist profiles. These profiles identify which sources and journalists have most influence on the issue and where they stand on it.


Amongst the issues we have subjected to our Issue Analysis service techniques are:

  • Capital Punishment

  • The first Gulf War

  • Demutualisation (conversion of Building Societies to Banks)

  • Oil Market

  • New Labour’s Welfare Reform Programme

  • Educating the public about food/health issues

​For further details of our Issue Analysis service and pricing, please contact us.

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