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DocuPraxis - A Unique Toolbox of Document Construction Aids

If you ever produce written documents,
anything from simple letters to complex reports or creative literary works,
then DocuPraxis can help.

DocuPraxis is a sophisticated outliner which provides the user with a range of document construction and PIM (personal information management) applications:

The primary purpose of DocuPraxis is to assist the user in constructing any type of document:

  • books (fiction & non-fiction)
  • essays
  • letters
  • manuals
  • reports
  • research papers

enabling the user to structure, reorder and refine documents, secure in the knowledge that DocuPraxis is holding the document together throughout.

In addition to its document building function, DocuPraxis also fulfils the functions of:

  • address book
  • to do lists
  • diary
  • purchase records
  • decision tree - 'what if?' projects

providing editable and, in some cases, dynamic, forms.

For further information and to download a free trial version of DocuPraxis or to purchase a licence please click here.